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The National Museum of African American History and Culture. Image Credit:

On Wednesday (22 February) ground was broken on the National Mall in Washington, DC  for The National Museum of African American History and Culture – the newest addition to the Smithsonian museum family.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture will explore the richness and diversity of the African American experience. The museum has been collecting artifacts and documents since 2005, and expects to open in 2015. Museum director Lonnie Bunch was quoted in an NPR piece saying that most major moments in this nation’s history have been shaped by race issues. The African-American experience is central to the American experience, he said, so the stories the museum will tell are for everyone, or every race (via

President Obama, who spoke at the ground breaking, said on Wednesday that the museum was a long time coming – I totally agree. The last Smithsonian museum to be built in DC was the National Museum of the American Indian in 2004. African American history plays such a large role in America’s story, it’s about time there was a museum in our nation’s capital exploring this history and culture.

Now all we need to do is wait 3 years until it opens.

– Ann Erling Gofus

On the 5th, The Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum went live. And now, two days later (I know, I know), Musely has a recap of the live press conference and the museum itself.On December 5th, I watched a live stream of the press conference announcing the launch of the Valentino Museum. Anne Hathaway was a funny host – she immediately revealed that she had been at the Kennedy Center Honors in the DC the night before and hadn’t slept – you could tell, she was a bit bumbling, but so beautiful and charming and the perfect spokeswoman for this innovative museum. And that dress she was wearing — so, so, so beautiful.

Anne Hathaway wasn’t the only celebrity to grace the stage. At one point, Anne pulled Hugh Jackman out of the crowd. Franca Sozzani, the Italian editor of Vogue spoke, and Amit Sood, the creator of Google Art Project, compared The Valentino Museum to the Google Art Project and how the Museum’s content is focused on fashion, art and culture. “Immersive experience, go deep into the work of the artist,” commented Sood.

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The Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum goes live on December 5. Photo Credit

On December 5th, The Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum goes live. This virtual museum combines many of my great loves: fashion, museums, technology and awesomeness. Hi-Tech AND Fashionable? Too good to be true!

Valentino’s virtual museum will include 300 iconic dresses from over 50 years of Valentino’s career. The pieces will be showcased in 3-D, animated galleries alongside sketches and design notes. The museum will also include an extensive media library of Valentino’s illustrations, ad campaigns, editorials, red carpet images and 95 fashion show videos.

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Here are the results of last week’s poll, and it appears that Musely readers are well traveled (or French).

The Louvre, Musee du’Orsay and the MoMA in New York all tied for the most visited museums by Musely readers. Not a single respondent had been to the British Museum in London or the National Museum of Korea in Seoul.

I’ll admit, this poll made me jealous. I’ve only been to 2 of these museums: Musee du Louvre and The National Gallery of Art in DC.
AND I’ve been to Paris TWICE and to New York City more times than I’d like to count. You’ve all put me to shame.

– Annie Erling Gofus

I love technology (that is, when it’s not freezing or dying or becoming obsolete). Thanks to technology we have the internet (and this blog!), GPS navigation, and the power to explore pieces of art at the Louvre without even leaving our desks (sacre bleu!).

The Louvre offers incredible, in-depth “tours” of paintings in its collection. The “Closer Look” feature allows the viewer to see details of the artwork magnified and explained through audio commentary and animation. Closer Look discusses the historical background of the artwork, and the artistic and symbolic features of each piece.

The portrait of the Marquise de Pompadour by Maurice-Quentin Delatour, photo credit Musée du Louvre/M. Beck-Coppola

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