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Photo Credit Jason de Caires Taylor/

It’s a magical thing when doing something you love can make such a large impact on the environment – all while also being stunningly beautiful (although a little eerie).

Coral reefs are huge, beautiful and very fragile underwater eco-systems, as well as popular destinations for tourism diving. But, unfortunately, the more attention we pay coral reefs, the more damage is done.

This is where Jason deCaires Taylor comes in. Taylor created statues out of pH-neutral cement designed to host host sponges, tunicates and underwater life – some statues even have holes for lobsters.

Photo Credit Jason de Caires Taylor/

The idea was two fold:

1. Anchor the statues to the ocean floor near a natural coral reef in the hopes of drawing the diving crowds away from the fragile reef and toward the underwater statue garden.


2. Create a NEW coral reef. The ocean is teeming with microscopic organisms just looking for a solid places to latch on. Only 10 or 15 percent of the ocean floor is solid enough for reefs to form naturally. Therefore, these statues are a great place for coral reefs to get a head start.

Jason deCaires Taylor’s art is breathtaking. So eerie, so awesome and so eco-friendly.

La Evolucion Silencia by Jason de Caires Taylor. Photo Credit Jason de Caires Taylor/

A majority of the photos I have posted here are from Taylor’s Granada installment. But Taylor also recently anchored a crowd of 400 statues to the ocean floor off the coast of Mexico. Check out his website for more incredible photos.

I LOVE snorkeling. So, excuse me as I go and try to convince my husband to vacation at one of these diving spots. SO AMAZING!!

– Ann Erling Gofus


I’m a big fan of Netflix Instant Stream. Sure, it takes a little digging to find great content, but it’s there. I promise. AND I’ll make your search a little easier:

Introducing… Netflix Instant Stream Recommendations – Musely Edition – where we’ll be recommending films about art, history, & culture.

My Netflix Instant Stream Recommendation of the week is Herb & Dorothy. An absolutely delightful documentary about a couple who amassed one of the largest private modern art collections in the US. Sure, you might be thinking, rich Americans collecting art for fun, who cares? Well, Herb & Dorothy are not your average bored rich couple – Dorothy was a librarian and Herb was a postal worker.

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