A sketch of the bunker which was once home for nuclear missiles and military personal during the Cold War 1950s. Image Credit: Sotheby's International Realty.

Yesssssss! Green architecture! I love to see interesting buildings retro-fitted and re-purposed for living. Especially when it’s a Cold War era missile silo. Yes, a silo. You know, where missiles used to live. I WOULD TOTALLY LIVE IN A SILO.

Two entrepreneurial cousins, Bruce Francisco and Gregory Gibbons, retro-fitted one of these silos located in beautiful Adirondack State Park near Lake Placid. This $2.3 million luxury home has its own private airport… so you can fly home… of course. Thinking $2.3 million is a lot? Consider that this silo cost $18 million to build in the 1960s.

Interior of silo home. Image Credit: Sotherby's International Realty.

“The missile silo home sits on 105 acres of manicured grounds, forest and trails.  Above ground, it features a hangar and spacious open living room and fireplace with wrap around porch.  Below ground, and accessible via stairs from above ground home in what was once the launch control center, now is a two level, 3 bedroom 2-1/2 bath with open living area and kitchen adjoined by a spiral staircase.  Huge doors open to a large tunnel that accesses the silo with an additional 20,000 square feet of usable space with unlimited possibilities.” (via http://adirondackrealestate.com)

In the two lower-levels “windows” stream simulated daylight (that looks pretty real). The lower levels also include a 2000 pound door that leads to a 185-foot-deep missile storage room. And the best part? The entire steel structure hangs from gigantic spring suspension system designed to absorb the shock of a direct nuclear hit.

The renovated circular control room which was filled with water a for 30 years after it was abandoned. Image Credit: Sotherby's International Realty.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my dream home.

Historical, green, totally re-purposed, safe, interesting and totally nuclear bomb proof. Not to mention, safe from the zombie hordes which may (or may not) follow the nuclear attack.

– Ann Erling Gofus