Kate Feriozzi & Ann Erling Gofus

Kate Feriozzi

Kate is a native of Decatur, Illinois.  She received her BA in International Business from Illinois Wesleyan University in 2009.  She worked for a short time at a small for-profit, doing marketing and international planning.  She moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the fall of 2010 to complete her MS in Arts Management from the H. John Heinz III College, School of Public Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon University.  While completing her Master’s, Kate worked as an apprentice in the development department at Carnegie Museum of Art.
Kate is the Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator for the Children’s Museum of Illinois.  Kate loves to cook, plan every aspect of her life with Microsoft Excel, work on renovation projects with her fiance, and constantly update her Pinterest boards.

Ann Erling Gofus

Originally from Bismarck, North Dakota, Annie currently lives and works in Washington, DC. After earning a BA in history from North Dakota State University in 2009, Annie traveled east to DC where she worked for one year for a US Senator from North Dakota. She took a brief break from work to get married (and honeymoon) and returned to DC to work at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Annie started as an intern in the Oral History Branch, and is currently a cataloger with the Holocaust Survivors and Victims Resource Center.
Annie has been blogging for 10 years, has a passion for history and storytelling, loves to travel, chat, and enjoy delicious food.

Annie and Kate met while studying abroad in Milan, Italy in the fall of 2008.  Though they have only seen each other once face-to-face since they left, it hasn’t stopped them from being wonderful friends – and now – colleagues!