Yes, I know, I’ve blogged about the World Memory Project before, but this is what I do full-time (survey for the World Memory Project), so it’s a bit hard to get off the mind. ALSO I love to share the great stories being done on the project.

1. NPR just did a story yesterday on the World Memory Project. The story NPR did discusses Sol Finkelstein’s story, which is INCREDIBLY moving.  The video below is one made by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and includes an interview with Sol and his son Joseph.

2. CNN also did a story recently on the World Memory Project. In this story WMP Director Lisa Yavnai says, “The Nazis gave them numbers and we’re giving them back their names.”

Powerful stuff.

Aaaaaaand two of my co-workers make appearances on CNN!? That’s where Anderson Cooper lives!

Check out both stories and then head over to to get involved!