The Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum goes live on December 5. Photo Credit

On December 5th, The Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum goes live. This virtual museum combines many of my great loves: fashion, museums, technology and awesomeness. Hi-Tech AND Fashionable? Too good to be true!

Valentino’s virtual museum will include 300 iconic dresses from over 50 years of Valentino’s career. The pieces will be showcased in 3-D, animated galleries alongside sketches and design notes. The museum will also include an extensive media library of Valentino’s illustrations, ad campaigns, editorials, red carpet images and 95 fashion show videos.

Valentino wanted to replicate a real museum visit but broaden the access to this special collection. The “museum” has galleries, corridors and Roman-esque courtyards filled with realistic sunlight, but while it has many aspects of a physical museum there is no travel required – free and open to the global public!

Reminds me of Phaidon’s “The Art Museum” (an art museum in a book) and Google’s Art Project  (more on this project in a later post). While Google Art Project simply digitizes already existing museums, The Art Museum and Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum create museums that could not exist physically. For example, Valentino’s virtual museum would be over 107,000 square feet of physical space.

While I understand the importance of physically visiting and supporting museums, I’m loving this trend of museums moving into virtual and portable spheres. Not everyone can get to the Musee du Louvre or the National Gallery of Art, but with projects like The Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum we can still get the museum experience.

Check back here on December 6th when I’ll preview  The Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum! I’m so excited!?

– Ann Erling Gofus