I think the Freer Sackler Gallery is one of the most under-appreciated museums on the National Mall.
It’s quiet, and has this incredibly intimate feel. Almost like you’re walking through someone’s very, very nice house. It’s an art gallery in DC I highly recommend.

In this video you can see behind the scenes goings-on at the Freer Gallery. I especially LOVED watching conservationists treat a Chinese hanging scroll. I will admit that my mind was slightly blown when the conservationists dumped a whole lotta water on the paper scroll.

Freer Sackler Gallery

AND after watching it, go check out the gallery yourself.

Right now, The Peacock Room is displaying more than 250 ceramics from mostly Asia. Charles Lang Freer purchased the room (yes, the room) in London and shipped it to Detroit. The Peacock Room is now at the Freer Gallery (along with many of Mr. Freer’s other pieces of art).
The Peacock Room is magnificent.


Until the Spring of 2013 you can see the Peacock Room with its display of ceramics. Visit http://www.asia.si.edu/ for more information about the Freer Sackler Gallery.