The job market is depressing.
For everyone, but especially for recent graduates. And especially, especially for recent grads who studied interesting things… like almost anything in the liberal arts.

I’m employed (although, only “temporarily” on a year long contract) AND I have a Bachelor of Arts in History. The Wall Street Journal just told me today (well, not personally) that 6.5% of my fellow History majors (the 18th most popular degree in the US, it seems) were unemployed in 2010. Grrrreeeaaattttt. BUT us History students are doing better than neuroscientist (7.2% unemployment), computer engineers (7%), AND Pre-Law and Legal Studies students (7.9%).

The Wall Street Journal has compiled a handy (and potentially depressing – depending on your degree) chart of “Best College Majors for a Career.” The chart is based on the 2010 US Census – it includes degree, rate of unemployment, 25th percentile earnings, median earnings, 75th percentile earnings, and the degree’s popularity among the 173 degrees listed.

The top 12 most popular/common degrees in the US in 2010 and their unemployment rate. Wall Street Journal

The best degrees for a career? Actuarial science, pharmacology, educational administration and supervision, school student counseling, geological and geophysical engineering, and astronomy and astrophysics. All have a 0% unemployment rate.

The worst degrees for a career? Library science has a 15% unemployment rate, US History is at 15.1%, Miscellaneous Fine Arts is 16.2%, and Clinical Psychology tops the chart at a 19.5% unemployment rate.

So, there you have it. Want a job? Study Actuarial Science. Don’t want a job? Study Clinical Psychology.

It’s that easy.

Click HERE to find out where your degree falls on the chart.

– Annie Erling Gofus