On November 3rd, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Ancestry.com announced the release of four USHMM collections that contain more than 30,000 names of Holocaust victims and survivors. This name information is now available for online searches and can be viewed for FREE via Ancestry.com!

This incredible wealth of Nazi-era documents is made available by The World Memory Project. WMP is a partnership between USHMM and Ancestry.com to build the world’s largest FREE collection of information about victims and survivors of the Holocaust.

The World Memory Project is continually growing – fueled by volunteers who view and index documents out of USHMM’s archives. Since WMP was launched in May 2011, more than 2,100 contributors from around the world have indexed more than 700,000 records. ANYONE can help (as long as you have access to the internet), and you’re currently reading a blog post written be a World Memory Project contributor… yea, what, what!! (I’m excited/proud, in case you can’t tell).

The collections currently available for viewing contain information on thousands of individuals including displaced Jewish orphans; Czech Jews deported to the Terezin concentration camp and camps in occupied Poland; and French victims of Nazi persecution.

This project is a HUGE step towards bringing closure to those whose family or friends (or both) were murdered during the Holocaust. Some survivors have gone DECADES never knowing what happened to their mother, their husband, their son or daughter. With the help of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and Ancestry.com (AND volunteers like you and me), that mystery can be solved and maybe, just maybe, hearts and minds can rest easier knowing the truth.

I strongly encourage you to:

1. Get involved in the World Memory Project – http://www.worldmemoryproject.org/ – it’s free to get involved and you’ll be making a HUGE impact on THOUSANDS of people’s lives.

2. Check out the documents ready to search on Ancestry.com – http://search.ancestry.com/search/grouplist.aspx?group=ushmm_collection – Even if you don’t have a direct tie to the Holocaust, you should see the amazing searches made available – pretty awesome stuff.