Crowdsourcing is pretty incredible. And has gained popularity with the rise and spread of access to the internet.

Not sure what Crowdsourcing is? Have you ever used Wikipedia? That, my good people, is crowdsourcing at its finest – information gathered and provided by a crowd – you, the friendly Wikipedia user.

Crowdsourcing has completed some incredible projects. crowdsources its MASSIVE indexing projects – allowing volunteers to help record MILLIONS of names through the World Archives Projects. The Smithsonian Institute has even used crowdsourcing (via Facebook) to identify over 5000 species of fish!!

Crowdsourcing got your attention yet? Well, check this out:

Imagine your street corner today. Now imagine what that same street corner looked like 50 years ago, 100 years ago, maybe more! Can’t imagine cobblestone and horse & buggy outside the Whole Foods down the street? Then check out – a website (who has teamed up with Google) that compares modern day Google Street View images with historical photos. Here’s a short video introduction:

Not only can you compare modern day views with historic ones, but you also learn a contributor’s story OR share your own story. Users can share their own photos and view others’ photos. Pretty incredible – if you ask me.

Pancake Day Race in Olney, Buckinghamshire

The Royal Wedding even made a appearance!


It’s like crowdsourcing a lovely geographic scrapbook.

Have any historic photos of your own? AND stories to tell about them? Quick! Check out Historypins! And if you do share a photo on the site, let us know – we’d love to link it here on our blog.

– Annie Erling Gofus